‘Creative Homeware’ – the Latest Buzz Phrase in Home Interiors!

‘Creative Homeware’ – the Latest Buzz Phrase in Home Interiors!

What is creative homeware we hear you ask … and we did too, until we came across Off the Barrow, a supplier of quality products from all over the world that can be used to creatively adorn your home and in doing so, inspire the wow factor. Simple, but oh-so incredibly effective!

We’re really loving what they have to offer. From prints and illustrations to crafts and sculptures through to the downright unusual, it’s all happening at Off the Barrow.

Creative Geniuses and Bold Brands

Creative geniuses like Angelia Collier, Eleanor Stuart and Tony Miles and bold brands such as Felled Light, Token Homewares, Yas-Ming Ceramics and The Floating Mug Co. are all regular featured suppliers.

The great thing about creative homeware is it works up a scale of awe. So if you love something a bit unusual, but like to keep something back, then you can go for the lesser-jaw-dropping stuff. But if you really like to push the proverbial boat out and make a resounding statement, you can do that too at the other end of the scale.

So we could start with a stylishly unique wooden art block encasing images from photographer and artist Angelia Collier, then move on to some great fun Yas-Ming Ceramics animal-sculpture dinnerware, and come to rest at a mesmerising Felled Light floor lamp inspired by the Japanese art of ‘perfect imperfection’.

We are planning on incorporating creative homeware into our interior design and decoration service so that we can bring you something truly different. If this is a service you’d like to talk to us about, please get in touch for a chat.