Celebrity Designers Spill Their Small but Mighty Decorating Tricks

Celebrity Designers Spill Their Small but Mighty Decorating Tricks

If you are lucky enough to be famous, you probably have the chance to enjoy expert advice for, well, everything – from your daily workout routine, to decorating your home’s interior. The rest of us mortals have to do our own research and hire more affordable experts, which is exactly what separates us from the celebrity world. Except now, celebrity designers have chosen to share their powerful decorating tips and tricks with you. Enjoy!

Combine Materials

If you want your interior to look like a million bucks (don’t worry, this won’t cost nearly that much), you’ll have to focus on details. Mixing patterns is a cool way to go, but creating mixes of textiles themselves might be worth looking into. For example, leather does look sleek in itself, but layering it with silk, wool or linen will make it look more than luxurious – it will make it look special and engaging!


The age when the celebrities led lavish lifestyles is over – well, this isn’t exactly true, although it can be said so for the interior design. Rather than aiming for chic and colourful ideas, celebrity designers are aiming at minimalism and simplicity. This not only provides functionality and comfort, but also a smooth, jazzy feeling that will evoke nothing but head nodding when your guests arrive.

Wall Paint

Unless you’ve been living in a cave up until recently, you probably know all about the importance of wall colours. Well, obviously, if you did know ‘all’ about it, you wouldn’t be here, but at the very least, you are aware of the impact it can have on a room and you are completely right – it is very important! Sophisticated is the look that you should always keep in your crosshairs, but now it is actually trending, so opting for darker shades of blue, grey, or the mixture of two is definitely the way to go.

Paint Pattern

Now, colour and pattern are two completely different aspects of decoration although they work together to achieve a specific look. Using paint patterns properly can make even the dullest and most lifeless room modern and sophisticated. Either create patterns using stencils, or hire a professional artist to find your perfect one!


The aim of modern furniture design is definitely comfort and simplicity. Depending on your taste and your room colour, there are many interesting furniture designs to choose from; for example, on this link you can find a wide variety of modern and sleek chairs and armchairs with interesting, innovative, or simple plain design.

Open Floor Plan

These are extremely popular, among the celebrities and average Joes and Janes alike. The general idea revolving around an open floor plan is connecting the kitchen, dining room and living room into a single, large space. Perfectly fitting for non-spacious homes, an open floor plan is perfectly capable of opening up a space, without too much investment. Keep in mind, though, that each zone should still evoke a different feel – use different colour shades (but in no way different colours) to visually divide this space without using walls or other physical barriers, such as bars (although these too are a great idea).

These celebrity design ideas are worth looking into, even if you aren’t planning to remodel in the near future. On the other hand, if you are hell-bent on making some interior changes, these can help you achieve the best look possible. Keep in mind that minimalism and functionality is the way to go – not something that will scream “look at me!” all the time.