7 Sensational Large Circular Mirrors For Every Home Decor

7 Sensational Large Circular Mirrors For Every Home Decor

For any living room, mirror is a majestic addiction. Generally, mirrors are used to transform the small houses, though they don’t exactly stretch the space but yes, an illusion is obviously created. However, there are no hard and fast rules that mirrors are suitable for small houses only. Check out some tips for decorating large living rooms with these large circular mirrors UK.

Porcupine Quill Mirror UK

In order to give an exceptional depth and texture, the porcupine quill mirror UK is beveled with radiating rows of hand-painted wood “quills”. Depending on the size of the area where you want to place, you can buy it in different size and colors. It’s a fashionable name in the industry of furniture and home accessories.


An oversized mirror with some glossy walnut root veneer frame, Kaamos is perfect for the creative breeds who believe in being differently unique. The modern large circular mirror has given its unique designed by the experts and handcrafted with the brass and copper details.

Raindrop Mirrors

The uttermost Raindrops mirror reflects your style in a beautiful way. They have the convex center mirror along with some sleek, sunburst style frame that is sophisticatedly framed into the heavily antique gold leaf finish brogue by the small, sparkling circular mirrors. It comes up in the huge 63 inches of size.

Ring Mirrors

As the name suggests, they are designed in the shape of ring that effect the eternal beauty when it is pondered to decorate in your desired area. They are the round wall mirror that could be bought in various shapes and sizes according to your preferences and aspire to the transcendent. The exact richness of this round mirror lies within its reflection. You can find it in two different shades, Black and Gold/White and Gold

IRIS Mirror

IRIS is an iconic round convex mid century modern mirror that has been framed up with the palisander wooden frame along with the golden ring. It’s one among the finest mirrors that you must add to your wish list.

Use Reve Mirror

It’s a uniquely designed large sized mirror that is finished in a matt black exterior with a high glass metallic interior that unleashes the rules of reality and gives you away with the power of self-exploration. Once placed perfectly, it would act as the center of attention of all large sized bathroom, make sure to keep the bathtubs matched to its colors or buy accordingly.

Paris Mirror

Paris mirrors are the part of Paris collection by Juliette’s Interiors. It’s a large antique gold ornate one that is 60cm High and 90cm wide. Due to its life-size look, it remains to be the centre of attraction in your home. In case if you have a large living room, it would appear to be more luxury, shiny and exclusive.

So next time when you plan out to decorate your large living room, don’t forget to add these mirrors and of course some original artwork to the list.