Getting ready for a big spring clean

Getting ready for a big spring clean



The cold, dark nights of winter finally feel like a distant memory. Chilly air has been replaced by a building sense of warmth and the tasty smells from the first BBQs of the year begin emanating from back gardens.


Spring is here. But, before you sit back and enjoy one of the most beautiful times of the year, it’s time to get ready for that big spring clean.


This is traditionally when we throw open the windows and make good on our promise to treat the house to a deep clean, readying it for the summer months. In this post, we’ve got 10 steps you’ll need to take to ready yourself for that big spring clean.


  1. Book a day off

Reserving a day’s holiday for cleaning may seem rather counterintuitive, but if you have a spare day available, you can do a lot worse that book it off in order to undertake the biggest house clean of the year. Make a long weekend of it so you can bask in the glory of your achievements.


  1. Don’t run away from it

Quite often, the first spring cleaning step for many is to look at the pile of mess that needs sorting and simply give up there and then. Don’t. With this list, you’ll get to the bottom of it and feel amazing as a result. Stick with it.


  1. Plan the day

If you’ve managed to book a day off for your spring clean, great. If not, reserve a weekend for the task and plan the day out. Aim to start early, so that you can enjoy and relax afterwards.


  1. Delegate

Unless you live on your own, it’s time to rope in others. If they start to make excuses, explain that they’ll benefit from the clean just as much as the house will. Divide rooms and jobs between your helpers; you don’t have to do this alone.


  1. Create a cleaning playlist

Cleaning is made eminently easier with a soundtrack. The night before you start, put together a big collection of your favourite tunes. Go for lively, upbeat stuff and you’ll be able to dance while you work. The time will fly by.


  1. Make a checklist

You can’t complete a successful spring clean if you forget to create a checklist. Make a note of every task and outside service you’ll need to call upon (for example, the carpet cleaning machine hire) and keep your checklist by your side during the cleaning process.


  1. Go on a supply run

It’s time to gather supplies for your spring clean. Checklist in hand, head to the nearest appropriate store and stock up on everything you need. Just remember that you needn’t spend a fortune or go too heavy-duty; you’ve probably got a number of cleaning products lying around the house already.


  1. Begin the decluttering process

Spring cleaning is a lot easier when you don’t have to navigate your way around house clutter, so before you grab the hoover, tidy away all of the stuff you have lying around. Discarded magazines, Post It notes, phone charges and the like should all have their place (quite often, the bin), so put them where they belong.


  1. Take it room by room

Your spring cleaning plan of attack should be to take it room by room. Don’t flit between areas and only leave a room once you have finished cleaning it. You’ll be surprised by how this technique enables you to complete the overall job more quickly.


  1. Reward yourself

This is probably the most important tip of the lot. Plan to reward yourself at the end of the spring clean. A trip to the cinema, that jacket you’ve had your eye on – whatever it is, keep it in mind as you clean and come good on your promise to yourself once your house is sparkling clean.



If there’s one takeaway above, it is the importance of the spring cleaning checklist. Don’t start without it. And, enjoy – this will be the most productive and long-lasting house clean you’ll undertake all year!